Error 8504, 104 appears on my Norton product

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Error 8504, 104 appears on my Norton product

Error 8504, 104 can be caused by another security product or due to a failed install when the product is being upgraded to a newer version.


Norton 360 Premier Edition has encountered an error. Error 8504, 104.

Follow the below troubleshooting steps to fix the issue with the Norton Error 8504, 104.

Step 1: Uninstall Norton from the computer

1. Remove the Norton application from the computer.

You can remove the Norton application from the computer using the Norton Removal Tool.

Download the Norton Removal Tool from the below link:

2. Save the file on to the desktop and double click on it to Run and follow the on screen instructions.

3. Once it is done, restart the computer.

4. After the computer is restarted, follow step 2 to re install your Norton product.

Step 2: Re installation of the Norton product

You can login to your Norton Account from the below link. Enter the email address and its password that you have used while purchasing the Norton product and download the file to install.

Step 3: Uninstall any non-Symantec security product

1. Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog box.

2. Type in the following text, and then press Enter.


3. In the list of currently installed programs, select the non-Symantec security product, and then click Uninstall or Remove.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions and when the process is completed, reboot the computer.

Step 4: Update the video graphics driver

If the issue is not fixed, even after the re installation of the Norton product, try to update the video graphics driver.

To do that, follow the below steps:

  1. To open the Run dialog box, press the Windows + R keys.
  2. Type in the following text, and then press Enter.
3. In the Device Manager window, double-click on Display adapters.

4. Right-click on the HD graphics card, and select Properties.

5. On the Driver tab, check whether the graphics card driver is outdated or current.

If the driver is outdated, you need to update the download and install the latest version of the graphics card driver.

6. Select your graphics card manufacturer:

7. Once the process is done, reboot the computer and check if Norton is working fine.