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Export or import rules in Outlook 2016 / 2013

Export or import rules in Outlook 2016. Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email client introduced by Microsoft that is being used by millions of customers. Microsoft Outlook is used to refer the emails offline even if the Internet is not connected and also it is ease of use. Any email can be configured in the Microsoft Outlook with IMAP or POP settings and the settings are independent for each and every email.

Outlook also comes with a set of different rules which is similar to the Gmail’s filter.

You can utilize rules to do various tasks faster and automatically. Suppose, you want to see all emails from a particular person in a different folder or directory, at such moment, you can set up a rule which will be used by Outlook to move that email to that predefined folder. Or, suppose, you wish to move messages with specific words in the subject to a folder, or move email sent to a public group to a folder or flag messages from someone for follow-up or move RSS items from a specific RSS feed to a folder or do anything like. There is only one solution which is Rules in Microsoft Outlook.

Let us assume that you have set up some rules in the Outlook. Now, you want to change the PC or just want to reinstall your Windows. Following that, if you install Outlook, you will not get those rules because Outlook saves rules locally. In order to overcome this issue, here is a solution for that. You can easily export or import rules in Outlook. You can export the rules from one computer and import them in the Outlook of the other computer. So, if you are using Outlook 2016 or 2013, you can follow these steps to export or import rules in Outlook.

Resolution Steps to export or import rules:

Follow the below resolution steps to export or import rules in Outlook 2016,

You can make the export or import rules from the Outlook itself.

To export rules:

To export rules from Outlook, at first, open Outlook and click on Files. You will get an option called Manage Rules & Alerts. Alternatively, you can also click on Rules folder in Home tab and select Manager Rules & Alerts.


Here you will get a button called Options. Just click on that.


Once you click on the Options, you will find the options Import and Export.


Click on Export to collect existing rules. Now select a location to save the exported file. You can transfer that file to any other computer in order to import that later.

To import rules:

This is also an easy task. At first, go to Manager Rules & Alert section and click on Options. On the next screen, choose Import. Now, you will have to select the exported file.

Follow the above resolution steps in order to export or import rules in Outlook 2016 / 2013. You can also find the information regarding the rules in the Outlook from the below link: