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Outlook Not Responding

Microsoft Outlook not responding issue might be occurred due to the following reasons:

  • Not installed the latest windows updates.
  • Outlook may be in use by another process.
  • A previously installed add-in may be interfering with Outlook.
  • You may need to repair your Office programs.
  • Outlook data (.pst or .ost) files may have become corrupt, or damaged.
  • Another program may be conflicting with Outlook.

Resolution Steps:

To fix the issue with the Microsoft Outlook Not Responding follow the below steps:

Method 1: Investigate possible issues with add-ins

  1. Launch outlook in safe mode.
  2. Press Windows logo + R in keyboard > type outlook /safe.
  3. Go to File > options > Add-ins > select COM Add-ins > Click Go.

4. In COM Add-ins uncheck all the Add-ons and Click OK.

5. Restart outlook in normal mode.

If the issue does not occur, start adding the add-ins one at a time until the issue occurs. This will allow you to figure out which add-in is causing the problem.

If problem not fixed proceed to Method 2.

Method 2: Repair your Outlook Data files.

1. Repair outlook using scanpst.exe.

2. Open my computer and select the C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14 in 64-bit OS or C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14 in 32-bit OS.

3. Run scanpst.exe in Administrator mode.

4. Browse the .pst or .ost file that you want to check and click Start.

5. If errors are found, you are prompted to start the repair process to fix the errors.

6. A backup file is created during the repair process. To change the default name or location of this backup file, in the Enter name of backup file box, enter a new name, or click Browse to select the file that you want to use.

7. Click Repair.

Start Outlook with the profile that contains the .pst file that you tried to repair.

If problem not fixed proceed to Method 3.

Method 3: Install the latest updates.

Check the latest updates are installed in the windows update.

If problem not fixed proceed to Method 4.

Method 4: Repair Office Program.

1. Quit all the office programs that are running.

2. Open control panel > Program and Features (Windows vista or later) or Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP).

3. In the Programs Click Microsoft Office that is installed, click on change and then proceed with the Repair.

If problem not fixed proceed to Method 5.

Method 5: Make sure Outlook is not in use by another process.

1. If outlook is using Outlook Auto Archive or sync to other devices will take more resource.

2. It may conflict the Outlook may not respond.

3. End the Sync or Auto Archive in the process.

Method 6: Check any .dll files causing the issue.

1. To check any .dll files causing the problem.

2. Open Event Viewer by pressing Windows logo + R on the keyboard and type eventvwr.

3. In windows log > Application > check the latest outlook error > double click open the log to see the error causing any .dll files.

4. If it cause by .dll replace the .dll by renaming to .old and replace with new one.