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Install Office 365 on Windows Computer

Install Office 365 on Windows computer. If you have purchased the Microsoft Office 365 and a new subscriber, you may find it difficult to know the procedure how to install it in the computer. If already Office 365 installed in the computer and not working as expected, we may have to repair it or re install it. In this article, we are providing the steps how to install Microsoft Office 365 in Windows computer using My Office Account page.


Steps to install Office 365:

  1. In order to install Office 365 for the first time in the computer or to repair it, the first step need to be done it to associate the Office 365 with a Microsoft Account.
  2. If you already have Office account linked to your Microsoft account, you’re ready to install Office for the first time, reinstall Office, or install Office on another computer.
  3. Microsoft allows owner of Office 365 Home subscription to install Office on up to 5 computers. Using this, you can share the other four installs with close friends or family. There is no requirement for other Microsoft accounts.


4. Now, to install Office 365, from the My Office Account page, sign in and select Install. You may be asked to enter the details pertaining to your account like email address and password associated with your copy of Office.

5. When the Install Information section is visible on your computer screen, select Install. By default, the action will install the 32-bit version of Office on your PC using the language you selected when you redeemed the product. If you want to install the 64-bit version, change your language, or choose other options, see the section below, Custom install options.


6. Click on Install, a file will be downloaded. Click on Run or Save the file to initiate the download.


7. Once the file is downloaded, double click on it and follow the onscreen instructions to install Office 365 in the computer.

8. When the installation is completed, you will get the message like “You’re good to go“. Then choose All done!


The installation of the Office 365 is completed successfully and you can start using Word, Excel, Power Point etc.