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Perform clean boot – Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1 and Win 7

Perform clean boot. A clean boot represents, booting up the computer with a minimal set of drivers and with limited application installed in the computer. It reduces the load on the computer and also easy to identify, if any crashes occurring due to any installed driver.

To perform clean boot, the changes need to be made in the System Configuration window. Clean boot state is used to diagnose and troubleshoot the windows issues. When the computer is booted in the clean boot, the computer will boot up with a set of minimal drivers and startup programs. In windows 10 / 8 Operating System, clean boot is also used to enable the feature to boot the computer in the safe mode.

If your computer is not booting normally or if the computer displays any error message, you can perform clean boot and boot the computer in clean boot state to identify and fix the issues.

Resolution Steps to perform clean boot:

Follow the below resolution steps in order to perform clean boot in the computer.

  1. Open Run window by pressing Windows logo + R keys on the keyboard, type msconfig and press enter.

2. System Configuration window will open.

3. Click on Services tab and check the option Hide all Microsoft services at the left bottom corner.

4. Click on Disable all or you can manually uncheck the application that you do not want to run after the next reboot.

5. Now, click on Startup tab, Task Manager Option will be displayed. Click on it, task manager with startup programs will open.

6. Check for all the startup programs and disable all the unwanted startup application that you do not want to run when the computer is booted up and click on OK.

Note: In Windows 7 computers, the startup program display directly in this window and you can disable the unwanted startup items.

7. Once it is done, computer will prompt you to reboot. Reboot the computer and it will perform clean boot and the computer will reboot in the clean boot state.