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Turn Windows Defender on or off

      Turn Windows Defender on or off. When Windows Defender is on, you’re notified when spyware or other potentially unwanted software tries to install itself or run on your computer. If you use the default settings, Windows Defender also checks for new definitions (files that are used to determine if software is spyware) and automatically removes any detected item that has a recommended removal action. For more information about Windows Defender

Resolution steps:

1.  In the Start menu (or on Windows 8’s start screen) type Defender. Windows Defender should appear in the list. Click on it to launch the program. If it’s already running, and you see the main window, skip to step 5.

2.  You might see a message like the one below, showing that Defender is turned off and isn’t protecting your computer. If so, search for Action Center in the Start menu (or screen if using Windows 8) and run that.

3.  In Action Center, click on the Security tab to check which program is handling spyware and unwanted software protection. If you want to enable Defender in place of another suite such as McAfee, you should use the Control Panel to uninstall that first.

4.  When that’s done, type Defender again in the Start menu and, if it’s turned off, you’ll see a message and a link to turn it on. Click it to turn on Windows Defender.

5.  Assuming your computer isn’t protected, the Windows Defender main window will open on the desktop. Chances are, the spyware definitions will be out of date, so now’s the time to update them. Click the Check for Updates button.

6.  When that’s done, you should see a nice green bar showing that Defender is up to date and protecting your computer.

7.  Click on the settings and make sure that the Real Time Protection option checked.

Once the Windows Defender is turned ON and up to date, your computer will be secured.