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Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 8.1

Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 8.1. If you reserved Windows 10 in the past, you will receive a pop up regarding the Windows 10 upgrade. If not reserved also, you can download the upgrade using Media Creation Tool. Windows 8.1 Operating System can be upgraded to Windows 10 only if the Operating System is genuine. Before upgrading, make sure that the computer is up to date, if not try to install all the available Windows Updates.

Although the Windows 10 upgrade will not remove any data from the computer, it is good to have a backup of all the important data to any external hard drive.

Follow the below resolution steps in order to upgrade the Operating System from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.

Step by step procedure for Windows 10 upgrade:

  1. If you do not see the Windows 10 upgrade message, if you install all the available updates in the computer, you can able to upgrade to Windows 10. It is not possible to do the Windows 10 upgrade from the Modern Settings app. If you try to do it, you may receive the following error.

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2. Windows 10 upgrade has to be initiated from the desktop version of the Windows Update. To open that launch Run Window by pressing Windows logo + R keys on the keyboard, type wuapp and press enter.

3. Windows Update will open now and you can see the below screen. Click on Get Started.

4. Accept the Microsoft Software License terms.

5. Next click on Start the upgrade now to initiate Windows 10 upgrade or you can schedule it for later.

6. If you want to schedule it later, you will need to set the date and time when the upgrade has to happen. Mostly you will get the next three days and need to set the time when you may not be using the computer like in the night.

7. Windows will download the appropriate files and start getting things ready to roll. It’s very important to keep your computer plugged in, and just let it do its thing. This is an in-place upgrade and your computer will restart several times.

8. When you see the following screen, you might not see much progress. Just be patient as there is a lot of upgrading going on (especially in the first few days) and it can take a while. In fact, you might want to do the upgrade over the weekend.

9. Once it is completed, you will get a black screen that shows your computer name. Then you can just follow the on screen instructions.

10. You may need to enter your Windows Account user name and the password.

11. Unless you’re particular about how you want your Windows settings, just go with Express Settings during setup (versus custom settings which only takes a few extra minutes to use). It allows you to get up and running a lot faster, and if you want to make any adjustments, you can do that later.

12. Do keep in mind that choosing Express Settings will enable everything, including features you might not want enabled like Windows Update Delivery Optimization. That setting sends updates and apps from your PC to other PCs on your local network or PCs on the Internet.

13. Windows 10 upgrade process is simple and easy. Once it’s installed, enjoy your new version of Windows 10 and all the new features.