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Remove Virus infection from computer

Remove virus infection from the computer. When any virus infection is infected your computer, you might feel the slow performance, unwanted pop ups in the browsers, not responding error messages etc. No anti-virus can detect all kinds of the virus infection. Even if you do not have any anti-virus, you can perform a few troubleshooting steps and remove virus from your computer.

It is required to make sure that the anti-virus has its latest updates and all the Firewall protection provided by the anti-virus is enabled and protecting the computer. Even though the anti-virus is installed in the computer, it is required to perform some manual troubleshooting to remove virus infection from the computer.

Resolution Steps:

Follow the below resolution steps in order to remove the virus infection from the computer and make it secured.

Delete the temporary files:
  1. It is recommended to reboot the computer in safe mode to perform the troubleshooting steps, however the same can be performed in the normal mode as well. If you are not able to perform any task in the normal mode, you can reboot the computer to the safe mode.
  2. Once the computer is booted to the safe mode, delete all the temporary files that are running in the background process.
  3. To delete all the temporary files, press Windows logo + R keys on the keyboard to open Run window and in that, type temp, %temp%, prefetch one by one, delete all the files present in that.

4. If you get any prompt to Try Again or Skip, select the option Skip.

Run a virus scan:

To remove virus infection from the computer, it is recommended to run the virus scan. There are different tools available online to run the virus scan. In that, the best are listed below, you can use any one of them.




Once the scan is completed, it is recommended to reboot the computer.

Remove unwanted application:
  1. If the computer is always connected to the Internet, unknowingly due to some ads and pop ups, unwanted programs will get installed in the computer. Also, because of this, some toolbars and extension will be added to the browsers which affects the performance.
  2. Open Run window and type appwiz.cpl to open the list of all the installed application in the computer. Check out for any toolbars and if you found any, remove them.
  3. Please ignore Microsoft named files in the list if installed application, and if you found any program unrelated or unknown, remove it by double clicking on it.
  4. Once all the unwanted application are removed, reboot the computer.
Update the Anti-Virus application:

It is recommended to have the latest updates for anti-virus application to increase more security levels for the computer. Open the anti-virus program installed in the computer, check for the updates. If any updates found, install them.

By following all the above all the troubleshooting steps, you can remove virus from the computer and keep it secured always.